Gramsci Family

November 21, 1917 - April 27, 1974
Gramsci Family Papers
122 Documents


The Gramsci Family holding is composed of documents originating from different donations. These are for the most part correspondence sent by Tatiana Schucht to the various members of the Gramsci family. There is no detailed information on the donations of these documents to Fondazione Istituto Gramsci. However, the letters sent by Tania are likely to have been inserted into the donations made by family members. For example, Tatiana's letter to Carlo on 14 February 1937 was included among the papers donated by Carlo Gramsci in 1963. Added in 1968 was the donation of the copied documentation possessed by Teresina Gramsci. The donation by Mimma Paulesu Quercioli in 2005 allowed the letters received by Carlo Gramsci from Giulia and Eugenia Schucht in the years 1948-1968 to be recovered. The donations of May 2007 and May 2008 by Antonio Gramsci Jr. included, in digital copy, the letters sent by Tatiana Schucht to her nephews Delio and Giuliano.

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