The Antonio Gramsci Digital Library (DiLAG) provides access to sources and research tools related to the biography and thought of Antonio Gramsci.

It is conceived in five sections constituting five connected areas:

  • The Gramscian Bibliography, founded by John M. Cammett in 1989, aims to report publications on Gramsci in all languages. Some texts are available in digital version.
    The editorial team is supported by the International Gramsci Society and individual scholars.
    The homepage highlights some collections among those that have been digitized: the catalogues of the exhibitions organized by the Gramsci Foundation, the Gramsci conference proceedings, and the volumes of the Studi gramsciani nel mondo series.
  • The Antonio Gramsci Archive and associated holdings (Giulia Schucht, Tatiania Schucht, Piero Sraffa, Schucht family and Gramsci family). The analytical file provides access to reproductions of Gramscian autographs: letters, notes, school texts, personal documents and the Prison Notebooks. Notebooks and letters may be accessed directly from the homepage.
  • The Library Collection offers a description of the surviving library of Antonio Gramsci: 763 books, brochures, yearbooks and almanacs and 76 periodicals, with about one thousand papers mostly from the prison period.
  • Gramsci’s newspapers: the three series of L’Ordine Nuovo (1919-1920, 1921-1922, 1924-1925) and l’Unità (1924-1926).
  • A permanent exhibition provides essential elements to approach the study of the life and writings of Gramsci: a chronology of his life, a biographical video, writings and editions (with subtitles in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese); a photo gallery.


DiLAG is a Fondazione Gramsci project created with the contribution of Struttura di missione per gli anniversari di interesse nazionale della Presidenza del Consiglio (Mission structure of the Office of the Prime Minister for anniversaries of national interest).

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